1. High-Fiving Hookers


    Most days, I like to think that I’m equal parts Julia Roberts in Eat Pray Love and Julia Roberts in Pretty Woman. But Sunday, Sunday I was 100 percent Pretty Woman. Except no one kicked me out of their store. Sidebar—I’ve actually never been kicked out of a shop, boutique, grocery establishment or otherwise. And not without trying, mind you. I’ve done some weird shit in the local Walmarts. Some weird shit, indeed. But I think you can get away with almost anything in a Walmart. Even muuuuuurder! Well, as long as you’re white. Already hitting the racial commentary and we’re only in the first paragraph! Looks like this blog post is shapin’ up to be a good one, huh Dad? 

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    I’ve been writing about my summer in LA & I didn’t tell this side of the internet! So now I am. Tell, tell, tell. Tell. 


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    40th anniversary UK quad poster for THE DISCREET CHARM OF THE BOURGEOISIE (Luis Buñuel, France/Italy/Spain, 1972)

    Designer: TBD (after Ferracci)

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